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To provide education in accordance with the basic values ​​and strategic goals of our country, to train educators with a universal sports culture, to contribute to the education of educators who will train successful athletes, to give importance to science, to read and research, to base love and respect in their relations, to see differences as wealth and to provide physical education and sports services. is to educate modern teachers who deliver them to all children in a fair way. In addition, by coordinating the continuous development of undergraduate programs for the training of individuals who have professional knowledge and the ability to use them, to ensure that these programs are carried out effectively, to carry out the necessary studies to improve the quality of education in all departments, to encourage the opening of new departments by taking into account the needs of the age and society, To provide the necessary organization on the subject and to cooperate with domestic and foreign organizations in the field of scientific education.


It is to gain a respectable place at the national and international level with its international relations, teaching activities, research activities, scientific activities and original models developed in various fields. Our faculty aims to train educators who will work in the efficient execution of education and service activities, and who have the qualifications of teaching staff in accordance with the understanding of contemporary education. In this direction, students are given theoretical information to increase their knowledge of the working order that will enable them to benefit from information and technology in the best way, and students are prepared for professional life in the field of physical education and sports with practical lessons. Implementation of a student-centered education and management model, Providing effective consultancy services to students, Effective use of information technologies in education, improving relations with stakeholders, increasing the quality and quantity of academic and administrative staff, and ensuring the participation of administrative staff in in-service and vocational training programs. Other goals of our faculty are as follows;

- To develop and expand our academic staff as a unit in a way that will provide education standards that are suitable for the conditions of the day.

 - To play an active role in the academic staff and student exchange process, which started within the framework of harmonization with European education policies,

- To provide our students with a quality and contemporary education by updating the education curriculum according to the current conditions,

- To follow regional and universal standards in the field of Sports Sciences and to develop accordingly,

- To increase the number of activities such as talks and seminars within our faculty, to give importance to the presence of more academically in international and national congresses,

- To ensure the continuation of good relations with the stakeholders of our faculty (such as students and their parents, non-governmental organizations, Provincial Directorates of Youth and Sports, Sports High Schools),

- Ensuring the development of our students' belonging to the faculty with the alumni tracking system, as well as providing more support to them in the process from their employment to their business life.

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